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Luxreaders- Stylish glasses should not cost a fortune

A pair of stylish reading glasses from Luxreaders makes sure you avoid compromising when it comes to style and quality. We understand that glasses are a necessity - that's why we make sure that you don’t need to spend a fortune to obtain your favourite quality reading glasses. Our mission is actually very straightforward: We make luxury glasses affordable.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been working non-stop to bring this mission to reality. We have put together a unique business model which allows us to cut unnecessary costs to a point where everyone can afford quality at a modest price. The way we did it is actually very simple: We’ve cut out all the unnecessary production points and instead, we send the glasses directly to your door. This gives you the freedom to pick and choose between our endless styles, have the convenience of fast delivery and receive your glasses at an affordable price.

At Luxreaders we offer stylish reading glasses for only £29! Do you also sometimes struggle with deciding whether the round glasses are the right fit for your head shape or if the square glasses might be better for your office look? Don’t worry, we got you. Pick any 3 pairs for 3 different occasions and pay just £59.

All our glasses are available in strengths +1 to +3,5. If you should ever be in doubt about which strength you need, try our indicative vision test and find your strength within minutes.

Our glasses are both comfortable to wear and made of better quality materials than those cheap reading glasses from the gas station or supermarket. Considering that we are a 100% digital glasses shop, we have reached our ultimate goal: Make affordable quality glasses easily accessible to our customers.

The future is affordable quality eyewear 

At Luxreaders we have a burning desire to revolutionise the game of cheap reading glasses. We want to create a future where reading glasses can be cool, comfortable and affordable at the same time. We want to establish an alternative to the upper-class brands which only very few people can afford. We will do that by creating an alternative to the cheap throw-away glasses, which nobody needs but many still buy, by providing quality glasses that are decently priced.

Our vision for the future is very reachable - because the future is digital, and so are we. We are happy to introduce you to a world of quality glasses that are delivered directly to your door from our design and production department.

Through our unique use of computer technology, as a customer, you are able to try all our glasses online. Our virtual mirror makes it possible for you to find exactly the shapes and colours that suit you the best. Our ‘Try-on-feature’ is designed to make the hunt for the perfect glasses easy and simple. You could also try our Styleguide which will find the perfect match for you right away!

No matter which type of glasses you need, we promise you, that you’ll have a good digital experience and a selection of glasses that will make you come back again, and again.

At Luxreaders, we’ve made up with the idea that reading glasses are just a necessary evil for when your eyes start to lose elasticity. We have challenged and changed the common conception that glasses aren’t that sexy. We're here to show you just how beautiful they can be.

We find it extremely important to challenge the idea that buying and wearing reading glasses is a boring or uncomfortable experience. We have made sure that even for those who may be buying glasses for the very first time, it should be a good experience where you get to experiment with many cool reading glasses.

We unite the classics with new trends

Luxreaders' glasses are a product of many years of passion within the industry. Glasses are what we care about and we have since the very beginning had a clear idea of never compromising on the aesthetic of our Scandinavian designs. For every pair of glasses you find in our selection today, it's taken us countless designs, frames, colours and shapes to get to the final aesthetic. Our passion for authentic Scandinavian design has inspired us to challenge the standard of daily-use reading glasses. We aim to unite new trends with timeless classics that never get old.

As the spectacle-enthusiasts we are, we have worked day and night to ensure that our craftsmanship is recognisable in our collections of timeless reading glasses- sunglasses and our latest superstar: blue light glasses. Our blue light- and sunglasses are available with and without strength.

So if you don't need reading glasses but still want to protect yourself against sharp UV rays or blue light exposure from digital screens - then we have the solution!

You can spoil yourself with our glasses in classic designs, round, square and iconic models or some of the modern designs like rectangular and square which gives you both boldness and comfort.

If you haven’t yet revelled in the fantastic feeling of putting on a pair of our amazing glasses, then you have a very special moment waiting for you. It's time to indulge just like our +30,000 other satisfied customers and order a pair of Luxreaders today! You can mix and match our different glasses exactly how you want whether that be reading -, blue light -, or sunglasses. We promise you high-quality glasses at an affordable price and delivery directly to your doorstep. It has never been easier - quality glasses, directly to you. Do yourself a favour and spoil yourself with a pair of Luxreaders - we promise that you won't regret it.