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Shipping and returns

  • What are the shipping costs?

    If you choose 3 pairs of glasses, you get free shipping with home delivery. If you choose 1 or 2 pairs of glasses, delivery costs £5.

  • How long is the delivery time?

    If you order before 14:00 on a weekday, your order will be packed and shipped the same day. If you order later than 14:00 or on the weekend, your order will be packed and sent on the next working day. The delivery time varies from country to country, but normally it takes 2-6 working days from when the order is placed.

  • Free returns?

    If the glasses do not suit you, you can return the goods at no extra cost. However, you must do so within 100 days. Fill in and follow our return form. Be sure to cover or remove the old return label on the package. Please note that returns are only free if you use our return label.

  • How do I return my order?

    Carefully pack the glasses back in the packaging. The glasses must be returned in their original packaging and without signs of use. Complete our returns form to receive your return label and CN 22 label. Then stick both labels on the outside of the package and hand in the package any UK Post Office. Remember that the return is only free if you use our return label. You will receive an automatic email when we have registered the item in our warehouse. We will then refund the amount paid for the purchase using the same payment method used to place the order within 14 working days.

  • How do I exchange my order?

    If you want to exchange one or more items, the process is divided into two steps:

    1. First you must return the item in the usual way - see our return process here. When we receive the return, you get the money back via the same payment method as when you bought the item.

    2. Find the product you want to exchange to on our website and order in the usual way. When exchanging fewer than 3 pairs of glasses, shipping costs are added. If the glasses are part of our offer of 3 pairs of glasses at a certain price, please contact our customer service before you exchange. We give you a discount code so that you get the same price per pair of glasses as in the 3 pair offer.

  • Refund

    If you return a product to us, we will refund any payments you made to Luxreaders as well as shipping costs for the delivery. You will automatically receive an email when we register your return in our warehouse. We will then refund the purchase price via the payment method used. It may take up to 14 working days before we receive the returned items and issue the refund.

    However, our free return policy does not apply in the following cases:

    1. If you purchased multiple items in one order and only regret part of your purchase, then we will not refund you the shipping costs.

    2. If you have chosen a shipping method that is more expensive than the cheapest shipping method we offer, you will not be reimbursed for the additional costs. We will refund you the amount immediately and in any case within 14 working days of receipt of your return. 

My Order

  • Has my order been shipped?

    As soon as your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you’ll receive an email confirmation. The email contains a tracking number. This tracking number won’t be active until the courier tracks the first action. This might first be during the evening or early next morning.

  • Can I track my order?

    Yes. As soon as your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you’ll receive an email confirmation. The email contains a tracking number. This tracking number won’t be active until the courier tracks the first action. This will most likely be during the evening or early the next morning.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    Unfortunately, not. For fast delivery, we begin processing your order once it is received. If you no longer wish to have the item(s), you can make use of our free returns once the parcel has been received. Read more about our free returns here.

  • Can I modify my order after it's placed?

    Unfortunately not. Due to our efforts to ensure you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, we are unable to cancel or modify your order once it has been placed.

  • I typed in the wrong address, what should I do?

    If you typed in your address incorrectly you need to contact our customer service as quickly as possible. They are available at during weekdays. 

    If it's possible we'll change the address on the order right away.

    If the order has already gone through and it's not possible to change the delivery address on your order, then we will find another solution!

  • I received the wrong items?

    If you received the wrong product in your order, please contact our customer service and tell them which product you originally ordered with the order number so that we can provided you with a discount code if you purchased 3 pairs and are exchanging one incorrect pair.

    Then you have to return the package back to us in its original packaging, please use the return form on our website.

    You have to return the package to the same postal service, which delivered it to you in the first place.


  • Which types of card payment do you accept?

    We accept these credit and debit cards:
    Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro credit and debit card.

  • When will I be charged?

    When your order has been placed, your card will be authorised and you will receive an email confirming that your order has been successfully placed. Payment will first be taken once we have dispatched your order and shipped it from our warehouse.

    If your card is not authorised- payment will not be taken and you’ll be notified immediately on the screen that the payment was unsuccessful. Please note that even if a payment is unauthorised, some card issuers may still have a reserve of the money for the payment, meaning you will not be able to access that amount of money for a short while.

Sizing, Models and Diopters

  • Which sizes are available?

    Our glasses are available in different sizes. Most of our glasses are universal in size to cater for the majority, however, if they are labelled with "wide" or "narrow" this indicates a different fit in relation to the model's style. A single model is not always available in multiple sizes, as these are not "sizes" but indications with respect to the style and fit of the glasses. It will appear on the product here on the web shop if the glasses are particularly narrow or wide.

    When you have chosen your desired glasses in the web shop, you can scroll down to see the exact measurements.

    If you are unable to find the correct size for the spec you want to purchase, we have to inform you that they are unfortunately sold out.

  • Are your glasses unisex?

    Our glasses are all designed as unisex to equally cater to both male and female facial features. However, when you browse our website, you will notice that we often separate our glasses when showcasing men's and women's glasses. We do this only to show the best-selling products by gender to offer a more customised user experience. 

  • Which combinations of size and diopters are available?

    There are many different combinations of models, sizes and strengths. We do not always have the exact glasses you are looking for. Sometimes it may be because the glasses are sold out, in other cases it is because the desired fit does not exist in our product range.

    We only supply glasses that contains single vision lenses, which corrects only one type of vision in both lenses.

    You are always welcome to contact our customer service with a request. 

  • When are items back in stock?

    Often it can be difficult to say when a specific pair of glasses will be back in stock. We strive to always maintain our inventory at max or at least have a restock as quickly as possible.

    Until the desired glasses are back in stock, you can keep yourself updated on our collections page.

  • Is it possible to adjust the glasses?

    Yes, you can adjust the frames just a bit by bending it without using too much force.

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100% Happiness Guaranteed

Happiness Guarantee ensures that we'll do what it takes for you to be satisfied with your Luxreaders. If your glasses don't fit, we'll help you return for free or exchange them. If your glasses break or you loose a screw, we'll replace them. Whatever it takes. No questions asked. Just reach out to us. We're here for you.