Blue light glasses for women

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Blue light blocking glasses designed for women

Our world is gravitating toward a more developed, digital society. This means that screen usage has become a significant part of our daily routines. Although the advancement of such technologies brings about wondrous opportunities it does, however, mean that we have to be more cautious about the drawbacks.

The many hours we spend each day in front of our screens can cause fatigue, headaches and dry eyes just to name a few. Our blue light glasses for women filter 30% of the blue light you are subjected to in a day, which can significantly benefit you in both your work and personal life. Blue light glasses have been proven to have many benefits such as; improved sleep quality and reduced eye strain. Eye strain may seem like a trivial condition but it is the root cause of many other problems such as the development of macular degeneration.

Which frame to choose?

Our blue light glasses for women come in many different frames to guarantee that you can find the perfect colour and shape. If you are unsure about which frames would suit your face, try our style guide and answer a few easy questions and we will recommend frames that are perfect for you! Or you can try our virtual try-on function and visualise your future pair from the comfort of your own home.

The frames of our women's glasses are available in materials such as metal, rubber and acetate. Our Acetate frames are made from a natural material that is biodegradable as well as allergy-friendly. They provide you with a weightless feel and have a sleek, glossy, transparent finish. Our metal frames are made of stainless steel with great attention to detail and are easily adjustable to your head width. Our rubber frames are made of lightweight rubber, which makes them the ultimate comfortable experience. Experiment with different materials and shapes and get 3 pairs for £69 incl. fast shipping and free returns!