Blue light glasses +0

Here's an overview of our regular blue light glasses with 0 strength.

The world as we know it is experiencing an ever-increasing technological boom! This means that it's becoming more unavoidable to decrease our screen time if we want to keep up by staying tech-savvy. The screens of our tablets, smartphones and computers emit high levels of blue light, which leave us exposed to these rays for many hours each day.

Our naked eye is not equipped to block overexposed, blue light, which unfortunately results in many of us experiencing the negative side effects of constant screen exposure. Symptoms vary from frequent headaches to increasing eye strain and even disrupted sleep patterns. Although symptoms such as eye strain may seem minor, over longer periods of time this can lead to bigger issues such as macular degeneration- permanent blurring and loss of vision.

Our blue light glasses filter 30% of the blue light that is emitted to significantly reduce the negative symptoms you might experience all whilst improving the quality of your sleep and reducing headaches and eye strain- in a tasteful way! We offer a wide range of frames to ensure that we have the blue light glasses that will suit your personal style. So don't miss out on this essential accessory!

For our frames, we offer high-quality materials such as acetate, metal and rubber. All our materials are produced as lightweight frames, which provide you with comfortable yet durable eyewear. Our craftsmanship and subtle designs ensure that we have tailored our frames to personally suit you. If you're new to this and feel unsure of which exact frames would be best for you, just go ahead and try our style guide! After just a few easy questions we shall recommend some classy frames just for you. You can also try our virtual try-on function and visualise your future glasses from the comfort of your own home. No time wasted at the shops and completely hassle-free! 

At Luxreaders you can get 3 pairs of blue light glasses for only £59. This way you can be certain that you always have a pair of glasses at hand. You can also choose to mix and match from a variety of our other products like our sunglasses or readers.